Dorie Stars (Aftercare and Tutor Centre in Doringkloof) - Dorie Stars (Aftercare and Tutor Centre in Doringkloof)

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At Dorie Stars, we follow COVID-19 Protocol, keeping to a maximum gathering of 50 people, and applying social distancing. Only learners and teachers are allowed to enter the premises, with an exception for pre-arranged site visits. We require everyone who enters our premises to wear a mask, sanitise, and pass our COVID-19 screening.

Dorie Stars is a family-run Tutor Centre and Aftercare, situated opposite Doringkloof Primary Hall. We are passionate about actively investing in the next generation, equipping learners with valuable life skills and tools that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives — helping every child grow and develop into an individual that will impact their world.


Study Based Aftercare

Lite Lunch & Snack

Homework Assistance

Supervised Free Time After Homework

Learners from Doringkloof Primary & our Home Schooling Tutor Centre are welcome

 Impaq Registered Tutor Centre H7872 (CAPS Curriculum)

Smaller classes create more opportunities for 1-on-1 work

We help learners develop a positive attitude towards schoolwork and homework

We encourage learners to build perseverance, and we celebrate their successes with them
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